Bible Study


The wise men (magi) searched the scriptures (the old testament)
and through their searching they found the baby Jesus.

Today, Jesus can still be found by those who seek Him.

Join us on a journey that will transform your life for the better.

You can have incredible peace in a world that seems crazy.

You are in the right place… let’s get started!

The bible has plenty to say about the future...
& finding happiness, how to live a stress free life and much much more.

The team here at Dundas Seventh Day Adventist church would love to help you come to know God. To have the assurance of a better future despite how chaotic things may currently appear. Jesus came to this world to give us all the opportunity to have life and to experience a super abundant life at that! Life was always intended to be enjoyed.
Apart from bible study programs which are very good in and of themselves, we also off the community of Dundas programs to assist in plant based cooking, depression and anxiety, recovery from addiction and much more.
We exist to serve the community of Dundas and if you have any questions or need someone to listen or a helping hand, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist where possible.

Andrew Russell

Senior Pastor

Getting to Know God Through the Bible

The bible  will reveal to you the character of God &
 you will have the assurance of a better future. 

We can share in a number of ways

@ your place or ours

In Person

From the convenience of your home

Over Zoom


Study at your own pace when it suits you

Via Email

Lets get started...

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Pastor Andrew

Pastor Andrew Russell can be contacted by phone during business hours or you can email him using the form below any time and he will respond to you.