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We have assisted many people and I am excited to help you experience better mental health. The darkest days are the past and the future is bright as we work together and support you.

Impossible to Possible

Depression is one of the leading causes of sickness throughout the world. Whilst anxiety is the most prevalent cause of poor mental health. Both Depression & Anxiety are curable. You do not need to live with these diseases.

FREE Information Night

Come and meet the team & ask questions

2 Nights to choose from

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21st February


@ 7pm
28th February


Frequently Asked Questions

The information night is totally free & our sessions are free. However there is a small fee for the materials which are yours to keep.

As a community church we are committed to the residents of Dundas and surrounding suburbs. We genuinely desire to see our community experience a more abundant life!

It is our experience that programmes like this work best in small groups. We do offer an online programme via Zoom called Telling Myself the Truth and this is a very good practical series.

Apart from having improved your own mental health we will also have a graduation day because we believe that this is a significant achievement for you and your life ahead.

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